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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions are answered here, otherwise please take a look at the Community Forum for further information


How can I join the Community Garden?

Please use the Join In! form on the home page. A member of the Garden will be in touch to arrange a time to meet with you, show you the Garden and process payment for the annual fee.

When is the Garden open?

Members of the Garden have access at any time. Regular gardening sessions are also held each Saturday morning between 9am and Midday.

Is there a cost to become a member of the Garden?

Yes, two options exist at the moment:

1. Community Member ($40) - This will provide access to the Garden and will allow full use of the two shared communal garden beds, as well as access to shared tools and supplies to help manage the Garden.

2. Dedicated Garden Bed ($50) - This additional membership will provide you with a dedicated Garden bed on top of your regular Community Membership.

Is the Garden "For Profit"? What are the funds used for?

The Garden is not for profit and all funds from Memberships are used for the continuation and improvement of the Garden. There are a number of costs such as insurances, maintenance and supplies, permits and applications with council, and communication to name a few. Some costs are currently subsidised via donations of materials and fundraising.

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